Learn Our FAQ

In order to help both newcomers and the "simply curious" to better understand affiliate marketing, we have created the Binramus FAQ. You'll find all the essential information here - by the time you're done, you should have a complete overview of the industry.

Binramus is a one-of-a-kind pay-per-call affiliate ad network. Unlike other affiliate networks, our software is custom built from the ground up so we don't depend on unreliable hosted mechanics. We currently accept publishers from all countries, in most competitive vertical, and different type of traffic.

First step is to sign up here and validate the confirmation email we send. An affiliate manager will review your website and application for appropriate content. The purpose of application is ro better understand how you intend to advertise our sponsors and what offer suits you the best.

Binramus is one of the leading Pay-per-call networks out there. We provide product offers of the most popular verticals including home improvement services - Pest Control, Plumber, Electrican. Along with that we have offers in Legal Segment like DUI Lawyer, Auto Injury Attorney and we keep adding more categories.

We accept all mainstream marketing methods including display ads and PPC, SEO, SEM, opt-in mailing (as long as publishers comply with opt-in conduct guidelines), co-registration and social media marketing (SMM).

We do not accept the following marketing methods: We do not accept marketing methods that generate traffic by the following illegitimate ways:

incentivized traffic, survey traffic, unsolicited mailing and SPAM. Binramus do not allow any promotion in which users are offered any form of compensation for purchasing an advertiser’s products or services or taking any other actions on an advertiser’s website.

Affiliates are initially paid on a monthly net basis. For example, affiliates generating revenue in January will receive their payments during last week of February 15th. Once an affiliate has received their first payment from us, they are automatically placed on a weekly payment schedule if they are receiving their payments electronically. We require a minimum balance of $100 before we issue a payment. If you don't reach this level, your earnings will roll over to the subsequent pay period until you reach the minimum $100.

In most cases, leads and sales are tracked in real time, but there can be up to a 5 minute delay for our server to refresh affiliate statistics. There are some advertising campaigns where a sale/lead is only declared days after the surfer signed up. In such circumstances, this will be disclosed in the ad campaign description.

In most cases, by the time you've received the termination email, it's too late. Our compliance department monitors traffic/leads constantly and action is swift when a problem is found. Affiliates are generally told when a minor problem is found and given the opportunity to make corrections. Major problems usually result in immediate account termination. If you want to plead your case, send a reply to the compliance email you received. Your best bet is to admit wrongdoing, accept the reversal of your leads/sales and ask permission to try again. In the rare circumstance that an affiliate is wrongly terminated from the network, they should reply to the compliance email and politely describe the problem and why they feel they are innocent.

Binramus offers 100% transparency to its publishers when it comes to performance reporting and sales statistics. At your back-end account you will see all the call logs, total number of raw calls, ongoing calls, their current status and all your commissions for approved sales. In the reports section you will also get all the data concerning the 2nd-tier commissions you have earned if you have referred a new publisher to us.

Our fraud and compliance team constantly is monitoring all publisher traffic both automatically and manually to confirm it complies with our quality regulations. In addition, binramus.com only works with high quality publishers from the get-go, weeding out the majority of fraud traffic from our traffic pool.